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Join Our Family

We want to be the hostel community with the greatest positive impact in the world. We empower our "wanderers" to explore, live, contribute and reinvent themselves through the "oOstel" experience.

Join The Fun 

We are happy and passionate about all that we do. We love to laugh and have fun

Be Relentless

 We hold ourselves accountable for our performance, celebrate accomplishments, and learn from our mistakes

Fall in love

Love is the beginning of everything. We have empathy and we take care of our community in every way

Honor yourself 

Our reputation is critical. We perform well, always

LoOk Alluring

Attracting beauty, charm and aesthetics are important. Inside out


Work with us

Your career starts here!

If you're searching for a great working environment, check out our latest job vacancies. We'd love you to be part of the oOstel family!



Join our community!

Volunteering is one of the most amazing experiences for any person. And being a volunteer in Tulum is definitely something out of this world. Contact us to know the details of this program and become the newest member of our family.

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