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Who is IWAN?

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We were here way before the Mayans and even the Incas and the Toltecs...

We watched them all as they arrived and evolved, we saw how they built their cities, and we were also present the day they left.

We have been around quite a long time now, always walking, tanning, and thinking. One day, something started to happen. Different 2-legged creatures began to visit and wander. They called themselves travelers, and some of them tourists!


Those dudes come from all around the world, from many different countries and cultures. They arrive and leave, come and go. So, some of us were extremely curious about what they were doing here...  we followed a few of them and saw that they did all this crazy stuff. Doing things like scuba-diving, tanning along the beach, or going to noisy places and dancing (something they called parties). Some others visited the Mayan ruins (they loved it), got into Cenotes, rode bicycles, and so on... Some other groups practiced yoga and ancient healing ceremonies.

We could see and sense their happiness, joy, and excitement, so some of us decided to try and live that kind of life.

At first, just a couple of us joined the new adventure, but after a while, even the ones belonging to the weird type of iguanas joined. As we got closer to people, we started to learn their ways, to dress like them, eat the same kind of stuff, drinking coffee, and we also began to get remote jobs (who knew this digital nomad stuff would be so fun).

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We became so much like them and started understanding the real reason for their wanderings and travels. So, most of us began to travel alone and find things we loved. Some of us found purpose in wellness, some in adventuring or simply meeting people and helping them out like me!

We understood that they travel not only to change places or scenery but to change and grow ideas.


One day as I was doing my daily walk, and came across a group of welcoming, like-minded people who had the solution to all my needs and understood my way of living.

They took care of me; I felt protected and cared. They offered many new recommendations, excellent healthy food, and fun, but the most important thing I found was a great community!

These guys formed a group called oOstel Smart Hostels! Maybe I started my journey alone, but I was never lonely since that day.


I decided to stay here for a long time, volunteer, and give back to people what I once found here; help people out, provide them with advice, protect them, help them grow, be part of their transformation, and become their true friend.




1 bed in cabin (1 night) + access to coworking


1 bed in cabin (1 night) + breakfast + access to coworking


Private room (2 nights) + 2 breakfasts + access to coworking

Permanent Benefit

NFT owners have:
Green: 10% off + coworking
Brown: 15% off + coworking
Neon: 20% off + coworking
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This association works to improve the lives of children, reducing their time in the system, HICME is a team of lawyers, teachers, medical professionals from different walks of life in Mexico around the world with a clear mission: Reduce the time that children children are caught up in the system so they can grow up in a loving home.


Centinelas del Agua is a non-profit civil association focused on preserving and protecting the aquifer of the Yucatan Peninsula through participatory promotion towards a New Water Culture promoted based on our two areas supported by the axis of water governance:

1. Research and conservation of the aquifer

2.Education and sustainable culture: urban and rural

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