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Forget about 2023 Goals!

Instead, let's think about what we are. It does not matter if you are an entrepreneur, an employee, a professional, a student, or another. What is important is to focus on what we are inside our souls.

Although I love to set up goals and objectives, and I’m paramount on planning for the future, what is most important is how you feel about yourself.

Maybe you are satisfied in some aspects of your life, however, it is normal that we are not in many of them. It may be your health, personal finance, or professional development. There are many aspects of us that we should review internally before we set up our annual goals and objectives.

What matters is the type of questions and the honest answer we give ourselves. For now, forget about other opinions, forget about what society or family dictates. Focus specifically on how you feel about yourself. Are you satisfied? Did you put your most effort? Can you do better?

Think about these four areas: Professional (work and finance), Personal (relationships & health), Mental (Emotions and Learning), and finally the most forgotten: Spiritual (Peace and Inner awareness).

Be thorough, honest, and relentless with yourself. Nobody will do a better job than you. If you can, graph all your evaluations and measure your own satisfaction.

As an additional exercise, share your results with one or two of the most trusted people in your life. Maybe they will share some good insights with you.

Then think about your results, what is more, important to you, where you think you have been focused on, and where you need to do better.

In the end, the important thing is not the result, but the awareness process and inner/self-review.

It is then that you may set up goals and objectives for next year. You will find that they are now much more balanced (what is most important) and less on what it “should” be according to other people and society.

Good luck in your inner journey!

My very best and blessings.

Luis Gonzalez

CEO Smart oOstel

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