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Starting from zero in a new destination

There's always an opportunity to start over.

The day I decided to take my computer, some clothes, and all my fear to leave the place I knew as home was the best day of my life. I had no idea what I wanted to do, but on the journey Gustavo Cerati told me singing "a new dawn will come" and then I understood that saying goodbye was the biggest act of love I had done for myself. Arriving in Tulum was like entering a new world, I had no working experience, what could a 20-year-old girl do in such an impressive place? I barely started to understand the concept of "Digital Nomads" and when I did I found out that that was the way to fulfill my dreams. They say Tulum can either embrace you or spit you out, but I'd like to share my experience so Tulum can embrace you and change your life. This place is a town, but a huge town, you never finish getting to know it; and what if I don't know anyone? Here I'll share the guide I wish I had.

Survival Guide to:


It is actually hard to find a place within your budget when you're arriving and even more if you're a home person. In my case, I was lucky enough to arrive at my family's home, still I recommend looking for volunteerships, it's one of the best opportunities to make yourself known, live peacefully for a while and work. If you're thinking of staying for a considerable time but not long term there are hostels that rent out monthly at very good prices and with a great atmosphere.


When you get to know a new place, the thing you enjoy the most is eating, getting to know restaurants, if you come from the city and arrive to the Caribbean you look for seafood, fresh food. But don't go overboard, if you feel like exploring the town I recommend: "La Guarida", "La Negra Tomasa", "Tacos Don Honorio", "La Hydra". I'd also like to recommend places to eat or even have a drink with friends like: "La Pizzine", "Raum", or "El Batey". But really sometimes you enjoy a home cooked meal, a beer by the pool and a more peaceful atmosphere even more. So going to the supermarket "AKI" or "Chedraui" can be a much more pleasant experience for day to day life.


If you're amazed as much as I am, everyday you'll discover something new, if not in places, it will be with people and the most magical thing; the energies that move in Tulum. The beach in front of oOstel in the hotel zone will amaze you, along with Punta Piedra there's a hidden beach! Perfect for a photoshoot, a lunch in front of the sea or a date under the moon. One of my favorite things has been visiting cenotes, like: "Corazón", "Escondido and Cristal", "El Cenote Encantado". The perfect Sunday I imagine it in a cenote in the morning, ending with an afternoon at the beach.

The hostel experience

Look for hostels! Tulum is not only what we see on Instagram, the hotel zone is impressive, but the essence is not necessarily there. Finding a hostel where you can live, work, do a volunteership and create a beautiful community to get to know this new world with will be a good way. At the end, that's what it's all about, right? Don't look alone, many look for the magic you have.

Dear traveler… WALK! The best recommendation I can give you is to walk the streets of Tulum, shake yourself up and with a smile talk to the people of the places you like the most. If there's something I've seen here, it's that they love receiving new people, with new ideas, with new energies. Bring out the shine you have and share it, sure here we'll love it.

One step at a time

Mariana López Bravo

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