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  • Mariana López Bravo

Starting from zero in a new destination

There's always an opportunity to start over.

The day I decided to take my computer, some clothes, and all my fear to leave the place I knew as home was the best day of my life. I had no idea what I wanted to do, but on the journey Gustavo Cerati told me singing "a new dawn will come" and then I understood that saying goodbye was the biggest act of love I had done for myself. Arriving in Tulum was like entering a new world, I had no working experience, what could a 20-year-old girl do in such an impressive place? I barely started to understand the concept of "Digital Nomads" and when I did I found out that that was the way to fulfill my dreams. They say Tulum can either embrace you or spit you out, but I'd like to share my experience so Tulum can embrace you and change your life. This place is a town, but a huge town, you never finish getting to know it; and what if I don't know anyone? Here I'll share the guide I wish I had.