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Vision + Passion + Execution = Success

Have you ever wondered why some companies grow, advance or stand out? There are many factors such as luck or market opportunity. However, the formula mentioned above can generally sum up what is needed to achieve success.

Now, it does not only apply to companies or organizations, but also to us as individuals. Below, I will explain a bit about each of the elements:

1. Vision: Here the fundamental thing is to be able to think about the future. That is, how do we want to "see ourselves" at a certain time? Asking specific questions such as: How big do we want to grow? What markets do we want to dominate? What type of product or service will we be offering? etc. In short, our vision is what we want to achieve.

Now, if our vision is fulfilled, then we will have "success". It is much more than just goals or objectives. It is a point at which we can be proud of what we have achieved, but above all what we have done to achieve it.

It is essential to understand that in order to achieve something, we must change and become a person or organization that has what it takes to "receive" that success or achieve that vision. The path is part of the process and I will describe it in the following points.

2. Passion: The word is being widely used to describe what we like, what moves us, what generates positive emotions. It also goes much deeper than that. It is also part of our life mission (as individuals or as a company). Working with passion means not working, it means rather focusing on what you were chosen or called for. I know it sounds a bit cheesy. However, think a bit and ask yourself: What brings me joy? What activities do I like so much that I'm willing to sacrifice time or money to do them? And what is it that I know I can stand out for?

Another way to put it is to ask yourself why you do something you like. That is, you know you like it, but go deeper. Why do I like it? You may be able to find some profession, mission or action that adds to your essence.

If we focus on finding and acting on our passion, we will not need motivation or inspiration. Our activity itself will be the engine that makes you get up, strive and do what you have decided.

3. Execution: A dream without a date, without a plan and without action, is just that: a dream. When you know what you want to achieve (vision), you have the energy, motivation and focus (passion) now you just need to act. Do, decide, move and make things happen. Obviously we will try to follow a plan (although many times we have to move the plan due to external elements or things that we did not consider at first). However, you go back to the attack, boldly and inexorably. Do not give up, do not get tired, over and over again. Until you achieve it.

Execution requires discipline, order, rhythm and organization. It requires communication to the team that is with you but above all, it requires movement. Discipline to do it always in the right way, rhythm to do it in the right times and organization to be effective and efficient.

The important thing is to move. Act, without fear and without remorse. Analyze your values (your central guide) and go ahead with what you have proposed.

Finally, remember that not all the activities you do in your execution plan have to like you, that is, you like what you do in life, but there will be things that you do because they are necessary. An example is, a Chef who is passionate about cooking, may not like to go shopping for what he needs or drive to the specific market where he will find the best ingredient. He does it because it is part of the plan, he does it with pleasure and takes advantage of it because he knows how important that activity is within the entire process.

Success is not just a place or moment to reach. Success is doing what you are passionate about, appreciating the moment, learning and helping others to be better.

When we feel tired or demotivated, many times it is because we did not understand this formula. However, it is always time to start over.

Decide, plan and act.


Luis F Gonzalez Aspuru

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