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Why women need to travel together more often.

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

An experience to expand you in different ways

Traveling with friends regardless of the destination expands your knowledge of yourself and the world. We understand that traveling with family or alone is different because you are with people you already know well.

A trip with your best friends often pushes you to do things you wouldn't normally consider, and in other circumstances, you may never have the opportunity to try. It can test your flexibility and patience when making decisions about the activities you want to do on the trip. However, medical studies show that the bond between women is essential for emotional and physical health.

Still not sure about a getaway with your girlfriends? Well, here are some extra benefits and tips:

- Save Money: Traveling with friends can save you a considerable amount of money. Splitting the cost of your dream trip between 3 or 4 people means you can enjoy many experiences without overspending.

- The best photos for Instagram: With each friend, you will find a personal photographer who probably knows your best side. Also, you can always ask for one more photo to immortalize a great moment for your Instagram feed.

- Quality time: Traveling with friends provides quality time with loved ones and allows you to enjoy experiences like you did when you were young.

- Learning: Traveling with friends offers an opportunity to learn about new cultures, try new dishes, explore new places, and get to know your friends better.

- Good Memories: Traveling with friends makes unforgettable memories that you can treasure for many years.

- Greater security: Many of us identify a safe place next to the people we love, more than the place itself, and what better than knowing the world with those who are your safe place? In the same way, traveling with people you trust will help you make better decisions.

At oOstel take special care of women travelers. We have a trained security team that guarantees the tranquility of each girl. Our hostel is a safe place, where after 11 pm no one who is not a guest is allowed to enter.

Additionally, we offer empowerment programs through learning for our staff, which makes our hostel more empathetic towards women who travel alone or with friends.

Finally, I would like to recommend a couple of applications that you can download together with your friends if you want to feel a little more secure and have peace of mind for you when traveling.

City Mapper

City Mapper is a mobile application for web mapping and public transport that integrates information from all means of urban transport, especially public, but also includes options for walking, cycling, or using shared transport systems.


Rome2rio is an app where you can find the best way to reach your destination, including options for bus, train, flight, and ferry, as well as travel guides.


MUSA is an application from Quintana Roo that aims to keep women always alert and provides a technological tool that allows them to immediately access care and security services.

Mariana Lopez bravo

(Vibes leader at oOstel Smart Hostels)

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