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Why you should choose a hostel for your next trip

For us nomads around the world, it always takes some time to find what works best for our liking when it comes to travel. Even though we’re all outgoing and looking for adventure, we don’t always do it in the same ways. That is why having options is so important, especially when it comes to something as fundamental as a place to stay.

Booking on a hotel can bring a lot of helpful results; but it may be expensive and complicated for people who like to explore their surroundings. This is why today we’ll let you know why choosing a hostel for your next trip is a better option.

  • Prices A big hotel is maybe the most comfortable option, but if you’re an experienced traveler you must already know the importance of a budget for your trip, and hotels can eat up a huge part of it. Luckily, hostels always have a wider range of options so you can save up a little or destine the rest of your budget towards more amazing experiences during your trip.

  • Socializing Of course, we all love to meet fellow nomads through our journeys. When in a hotel, this might be complicated because travelers there usually want to have some privacy and rest. On the other hand, guests at hostels are usually more open to meet new people. Besides, some of us love to plan weekly activities so our travelers’ family can grow.

  • Events The main concept of hostels is sharing, socializing and experiencing new things. That is why, if you want to make new friends, hostels are absolutely the best choice. Some national or international holidays are perfect to celebrate with other guests and getting to know more about other cultures and festivities.

  • Location More often than not, the surroundings of hotels are completely crowded, especially on big holidays or vacations. But the access to hostels aren’t usually that full, because guests tend to pack less and take less time upon their arrival and it’s easier to move. At oOostel, for example, we even rent bikes so that our guests can visit different places around Tulum in an easier way.

Of course, there are many other advantegs of staying in a hostel, depending on your liking and your priorities during a trip. Which is your favorite part of staying at oOostel?

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