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Why Tulum Is Your Next Destination

There are places where we stay and places that stay with us.

Before traveling we always imagine every detail we’ll live during the trip, idealizing our experiences within the traveler's imagination. It’s like when you're in love, you enjoy yourself more when you look at a specific place and feel excited. Planning the trip becomes such a magical process that we want to know more, learn more and discover the diverse cultures that it has to offer.

When we talk about Tulum, we are talking about a place that you fall in love with, there is so much to enjoy, and you never stop learning about it; I dare say so myself that Tulum is an excellent choice for your next trip. Tulum is culturally speaking very impressive given that you will discover its great Mayan history told through its architecture, streets, gastronomy, and people.

To get to know Tulum’s culture better, here are some of the best activities that I recommend:

- Ruin walkthroughs

- Reef snorkeling

- Cenote exploration and swimming through the lagoons like Yal-Kú and Kaan-Lum

- Bike riding through the Coba ruins

- Trying out classic delicious dishes such as: Cochinita Pibil, Ceviches, Aguachiles and crunchy Marquesitas filled with cheese.

Tulum is a place that continues to grow and the people that come through get to live some of the most magical sensations due to the energies that move in this great little place. It has become a destination where you meet people from many cultures and people return to their homes amazed at what they lived. There are always new things in Tulum, lots to discover, and live through the eyes of the traveler and that's what makes this a perfect place for your next

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